Iguaçu Falls: A Wall of Sound

The Brazilian town Foz do Iguaçu isn’t much to write home about. A border town to the main event. Didn’t see any live music to experience here except adverts for the Las Vegas tourist show.

The falls provides all the music you need. A wall of thundering bass coming at you. No P.A. needed! The wall stretches as far as the eyes can see from the Brazilian side. Great for photography. No melody here but it does not need it.

The Parque das Aves (Bird Park) is worth a visit if you like seeing birds in cages. Not sure on that yet. All the feather colours are amazing though and you can get up close to a toucan.

The Argentinian side the falls lets you get up close to the falls and has several walking trails. Didn’t manage to visit this. A bottle of Malbec the night before won out!

Hopefully more music to write about on the next stop Buenos Aires.

Scouse Mouse

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