Buenos Aires: Traditional and Contemporary Music

If you have seen the American television series Breaking Bad then you will have already heard some contemporary Argentinian music. More specifically a reworked track called ‘Quimey Neuquen’ by the Buenos Aires producer and DJ Chancha Vía Circuito. This type of electronic music belongs to the genre known as digital cumbia.

More traditionally I enjoyed some amazing tango by a trio called La Usina, including incredible dancing via the We Are Tango company. The show also takes you through some of the history of the art. After much wine you can also take part in a tango lesson to learn the basics.

The best place to experience free live street music was at the San Telmo Sunday market. Several vinyl record stores lurk in the indoor market sections. There were opportunities to buy CDs of the street acts and even tapes on sale. Who knew!

Music is linked to street art. Near the Cavanagh Building on the corner of San Martin park there is a mural tribute to rock national. Rock music is an obsession here.

A brilliant walking tour by freewalks was great for history and architecture. Chatting to the guide she told me there had been a revival of tango in the last 10 years. But Buenos Aires is definitely a place where contemporary vibes step alongside the traditional.

Next stop Puerto Madryn…

Scouse Mouse

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