Puerto Madryn: The Sounds of Nature

Puerto Madryn is a lovely seaside town. Music wise rewind to the 90’s and you’ve hit it! The seafront promenade provides a stage for walking, running, cycling and live music. The local boys provide back beats on small speakers and some impressive break dancing. An outside concert on the sea front featured the new album of Las Pelotas and local bands called The Fund and Garage. The sound check blew the electricity for two blocks and then a wind and sand storm cleared the beach. One kid wore his snorkel mask to shield his eyes! The electricity was thankfully back in time for the music to start.

The main event at this time of year (January) is a visit to Punta Tombo to see 400,000 Magellanic penguins. As you can imagine this isn’t a quiet affair. Beak slapping, honking and chicks calling for food. If you love wildlife then this area ticks all the boxes. You can see sea lions, elephant seals, dolphins, guanacos, rheas and armadillos. Orca can be seen in March and April. Southern right whales can be seen between June and December.

Next stop Ushuaia…

Scouse Mouse

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