El Calafate: The Turquoise and the Blues

The first music I heard was some blues coming out of a bar near the hostel. The second was the beat of the Chacarera I found out after chatting to a guide over a lamb BBQ lunch. He also told me about the Argentinian music called the Zamba. Not to be confused with Brazilian Samba. It is quite different in sound!

Visiting El Calafate is not complete without a trip to see the famous Perito Moreno Glacier. It really does steal the show visually and by sound. Shotgun sounds ricochet around as the glacier moves. Creaking and cracking as it advances. Rumbling like thunder. After watching it for an hour four huge chunks of ice had plunged into the turquoise waters below. Each time the ice hit a tidal wave was created. There was a noticeable delay in seeing the ice slabs fall and the sound of the impact reaching your ears. Nature never disappoints.

Next stop leaving Argentina to cross into Chile and the Parque Nacional Torres del Paine…

Scouse Mouse

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