Middle Chile: Volcanoes, Lakes and Beaches

A jazz musical treat awaited before I flew to Puerto Montt to start a road trip through middle Chile. Sunday night at the seafront in Punta Arenas a small cafe called Imago Libro Arte Cafe hosted an outdoor jazz quartet. With a bite to the wind the guitarist had his hood up and the keyboard player couldn’t hold onto his music! This didn’t bother anyone and a crowd gathered with hats on to sit on the stone steps that made a pleasing amphitheatre. Foot tapping swing by the sea.

Starting point to the road trip was Puerto Varas. The main square providing a stage once more for live street music. A young band with jazz sounds and something to say on the microphone. If only my Spanish was better! 

The drive north through volcanoes and lakes was picture postcard. Osorno Volcano dominating Puerto Varas. Hot pools bathing people in the mountains of Termas de Chillán. Surfers claiming the beaches at Punta De Lobos. 

Next stop back to the city with Valparaiso and Santiago…

Scouse Mouse

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