Santiago and Valparaiso: Towers and Hillsides

The most impressive thing about Valparaiso is that all the walkways and houses don’t collapse! It’s a brilliant hillside maze of tiny streets, wooden bridges, coloured steps and varied construction methods. Creatives will love this place. Street art and artesian crafts are everywhere. A must is a ride on the little elevators that take you vertically between parts of the crammed hills. With only a few days it was hard to get under the skin of the local music. I was a couple of days late to see the recent jazz festival put on by Altamira

Santiago was like any large city with the exception of the jaw dropping mountains. I saw a fab 360 degree view from the Costanera Tower. Another place worth a visit is the fish market at Mercado Central. I tried the congrio (eel) soup with the locals.

Next stop San Pedro de Atacama

Scouse Mouse 

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